Bordelle products are all crafted by hand either in our London Atelier or in Europe at Atelier Bordelle Productions (Read more about our production on their website). Our collections are made by combining Bordelle’s customised satin elastic with an array of the finest couture laces and embroideries, 24 carat gold plated components and silk satin. Special care must be taken when washing garments.


  • Garments must each be hand-washed separately in lukewarm water using mild detergent or soap flakes. We recommend using our specially selected detergent, which you can shop here.
  • Ensure to rinse out any traces of soap before leaving the garment to dry flat on a towel or other surface.
  • Pay special attention to rings and finger nails when washing to ensure no damage to delicate fabrics.
  • After repeated cleaning, silk satin fabrics might experience a slight loss of lustre. This is characteristic of the natural fabric.
  • Machine washed garments may become damaged or discoloured, so we advise you to only hand-wash your Bordelle pieces. (We cannot accept any returns, exchanges, or issue refunds for machine washed goods.)
  • Leather, gold plated and Acrylic accessories can be wiped clean with a soft dry cloth. Special care must be taken with nude leather pieces, as this is untreated leather and may mark if it comes into contact with liquids.


  • Dresses made entirely out of satin elastic strapping can appear crinkled after hand washing, but this does not affect the appearance of the garments when worn.
  • Bra cups made from satin elastic panelling can be steamed back into shape if crinkled after hand washing. When steaming, ensure you do not touch the garment with the steaming device used.
  • Items that may have stretched out over time with continuous wear can be steamed back close to their original state. Using steam on the elastic areas will tighten the elastic. Be sure not to touch the garment with the steaming device.
  • Please follow the care instructions on the label carefully for items containing delicate laces and embroideries, tulle and Swarovski Pearl attachments.
  • Hand wash garments must be dried flat, no wringing, dried and stored away from direct sunlight or heat.
  • Silk items such as Kimonos require specialist dry cleaning.


Bordelle products are identified by their unique design, high quality craftsmanship and luxury materials. 

As part of our After Sale service, we offer an Authenticity Check to confirm that resold Bordelle products are genuine Bordelle creations. 

Should you wish to purchase a second-hand Bordelle item, we can provide the seller with a Certificate of Authenticity. The product will be examined and verified by one of our dedicated and experienced team members. Please contact us for further information about this service at 

Bordelle products are exclusively sold on our website and through authorised retailers. If you are unsure if a Bordelle product is genuine before purchasing, or wish to report suspected counterfeit products, please contact 


We have confidence in the exceptional quality of Bordelle pieces, but understand that occasionally instances can happen that mean a garment requires repair.

In the unlikely event that you receive a faulty item, please contact our team and provide photos of the area in question. The team can then review what has happened with the Atelier and advise the next steps.

If a long standing item from your Bordelle collection requires a repair, please contact our dedicated team who can discuss details with our Atelier to see whether we can bring the item back to life.