A celebration of the iconic, unique construction techniques that Bordelle is known and celebrated for. Each piece is a nod to the intricate beauty of Venice's architectural masterpieces.

Strategic cut outs and provocative strapping contrast delicate embroidery. A celebration of the artisanal history of the Atelier, combining Bordelle’s iconic elastic construction with premium bespoke materials.  

A combination of innovation and shock factor with a fresh burst of colour to contrast classically feminine lace. Mari features intricate baroque style embroidery inspired by the gothic architecture of Venice, finished on a recycled tulle base.

Available in Black, Navy and Bordelle’s newest colourway - a vibrant pop of Magenta Pink.

Mari’s designs echo the intricate arches, ornate motifs, and timeless elegance of the Venetian inspiration.

Discover more, shop in Black, Magenta and Navy.